The ToTo Foundation supported the purchase of law enforcement body armor for Ciro, a Waupaca Sheriff K9 Dog


To the Toto Foundation:


"I do not know how to properly thank you for providing the lion share cost of the law enforcement body armor for my new Waupaca Sheriff K9 dog Ciro.  As you know, Ciro though totally funded by my self and wife Cindy, is Waupaca County's newest law enforcement dog attached to the Sheriff's Reserve Unit. Ciro's duty's as a patrol/narcotic dog with some cadaver detection capability is to provide services (man/child detection/apprehension/article search/ officer protection against multiple attackers, as well as protection to any person that I order him to defend. Also skilled in building,    as well as outside all weather and surface tracking. Safe around all animals  as well as infants and and small children, Ciro is a true friend for those in distress. Skilled in discerning friend from foe, Ciro is skilled in not biting innocents such as fellow law enforcement officers. Ciro has been trained since birth in a law enforcement training facility where his parents, grand parents and great grandparents and beyond have all served on the Czech National police force.


The Chief Master trainer and his helper wife who delivered and administered law enforcement training to me prior to returning to their native Czech Republic were very impressed how quickly Ciro bonded to me as his handler/owner.  I was the first person that he had ever kissed/licked and very readily as well. As I believe the bond between animals and man are spiritual in nature, I believe this dog's bond with me is supernatural.  Law enforcement dogs will when fully bonded to their handler will carry out tremendous feats including fighting to the death if need be. However, my wife already knows that I would do the same fore this dog as well.


The need for soft body armor to  protect against edged and handgun ammo, I believe, is very necessary in our environment where many people who suffer from anger and other bipolar anger issues are readily willing to  take out their discontent on others who mean them no harm. It is a national standard amongst law enforcement commanders to issue guidelines to their officers to always be willing to fight hard and return home to their loved ones at the conclusion of every work shift.


Thank you again Toto Foundation for remembering Ciro and my family as we will strive to be good and faithful recipients of your goodness. I will not forget your blessing of me and my family."




James (Jim) V. Salading # 214 Waupaca Sheriff

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